Innovation Projects


From textile to concrete

«Be Extended: Oslo» was originally a soft textile prototype. We wanted to make a concrete cast. The scuplture would be situated on a slope with an inclination of 30 degrees. The plyability of the object was to great advantage in adapting it to the landscape but presented a challenge as to the casting. The solution was to make a mold of the sculpture, on site. The work took ålace in a period from May 20. to July 1. 2019. The process was open to the public.

Tests to explore staining and surface structures on white concrete

On site testing with the textile prototype

Survey of prototype

Foundation attachment

Prototype in box

Beginning of making the mold


The Prototype is placed in a plastic sheet preparing the first half of the mold

The two half molds

Fiberglass mold

Processing of fiberglass mold

Brushing up the surface

Further work on the sculpture surface

• • •

Finished cast


An innovation project related to form and function

Textile objects with sculptural qualities adapted to the individual's needs.

BE EXTENDED 1: 1 won an innovation award in 2016 and is supported by Innovation Norway.

The Be Extended 1: 1 innovation project consists of textile objects with sculptural qualities adapted to the individual's needs.

The prototypes are designed on the basis of observations, interviews and assessments of the various user groups.

BE EXTENDED 1: 1 develops prototypes based on the needs of user groups such as: Premature children in hospitals, elderly people in nursing homes and long-distance travelers.

• • •

BE EXTENDED:  in collaboration with kindergarten

Surface treatment

In the meeting with kindergarten children and paint, the object changes.


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