Art Projects


Galleri 69, Oslo, 2022

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Kontraskjæret, Oslo, 2019

The project is the result of an open invitation, initiated by the City of Oslo by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

The sculpture «Be Extended: Oslo» was built directly on site in collaboration with contractor Drange's Tariff and Construction AS. External consultant was Øivind Grev Møgster. Photo: Line Lyngstadaas

Dismantling 2021

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BE EXTENDED: Åneby station

Central Gallery, 2018


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Foaje Gallery Notodden. USN, 2017

Installation/social object

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BE EXTENDED: Searching for qualities

Research conference, OsloMet, 2017

In meeting with kindergarten children and paint, two objects have a changed surface. The objects were exhibited at OsloMet in connection with the research conference «Searching for qualities».

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BE EXTENDED at Oslofjord Ecologies

RAM Gallery, Oslo, 2017 / Alto Academy, Finland 2018

Social sculpture with sound file on travel.

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Gallery 69, Oslo, 2017

An individual work that comments on itself and the project.

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BE EXTENDED: Transformed

The annual exhibition of Norwegian Crafts. Hydrogenfabrikken, Fredrikstad, 2016

Site-specific  textile sculpture adapted to the exhibition space. The  sculpture builds relationships through interaction with the audience

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When children and objects meet

Ram Galleri, Oslo, 2016

The installation was adapted for children aged 0-3,  as well as for a general audience. The installation comprised sculptures and videos relating to the specific site. Another part of the experience was a daily performance by dancer Beata Kretovicova Iden with a musician in addition to a soundscape by Ylva Gulpinar.

The installation plays on interaction beween the children and the objects and the abstract and tangible expressions created thereby. The sculptural quality of the textile objects inspires playfulness and exploration. The objects can be seen as an extention of the human body and provide novel physical encounters.

Inspired by the rag doll body we decided to make objects without any obvious function. The childrens encounter with the objects depends on the objects weight and mobility. Objects wich present alternate usage as well as challenges will be perceived as new.

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BE EXTENDED: for people between 0-3 years

Open studio. BOO, Oslo Open, 2016

Installation/happening for children between 0-3 years. The meetings between children, audio, objects, video and go-pro camera, laid the foundation for further work.

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BE EXTENDED: 30x30x30

The Mini Textile Biennial in Ukraine, 2015

The Biennial exhibition imposed a size restriction of 30x30x30 cm. The limitation further evolved the project. The pieces consist of three different fragmented sculptures made from a soft fabric. Each where presented in a 30x30x30 cm cardboard box. Using the enclosed instructions the audience could assemble the objects.

Fractile Identities. Group Exhibition. Venice, Italy, 2015

The objects where displayed in cardboard boxes accessible for audience interaction.

Aida museum: Women and genealogy. Røst, Norway, 2015

The concept for the exhibition was an existing already furnished house. The boxes with the objects where integrated into the domestic environment for the audience to un-box and re-box.

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